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Latest Earring Trends 2014 | Top 10 Earring Trends 2014

Earring trends 2014 are a hot topic around the young girls and teens these days. Trends keep on changing time to time and similarly earring trends that relate to jewelry trends also change from time to time. Now, we are going to acknowledge you about the latest earring trends that are going to be in fashion in the year 2014. The top 10 earring trends are just a s follows.

Jewelry trends 2014 are a very important subject around the women and girls as jewelry is the most important accessory of the women. Without having jewelry, women consider incomplete themselves. Jewelry is liked by each and every woman and every woman is eager to have the latest trendy styles of the jewelry.

As far as jewelry is concerned, earrings are the most important component of the jewelry. Because earrings are worn in ears and that is the facial part, as face has much importance in representing the looks of someone, so as the importance of earrings because earrings impact upon the beauty of someone’s facial looks.

Here we are going to describe the latest earring trends that would be a fashion in 2014. Here we go!

Gold Earrings 2014

Gold earring trend is always on the top while we talk about the stylish earrings. In 2014, gold earrings will be highlighted prominently throughout the world. Gold earrings are always liked by the women too much that the craze for them is never lowered down. Jewelers are making the latest styles of gold earrings that will be in vogue in 2014. Gold earring studs and gold hoop earrings will be on the top of all. So, have fun with gold earrings.

Silver Trendy Earrings 2014

Silver earrings are another type of stylish earrings that will be  voguish in the year 2014.Silver earrings are less expensive than gold earrings, so the people who cannot afford gold jewelry, should must have to go for silver trendy earrings. Silver earring studs are the latest fashion these days. Silver earrings are sparkling and gorgeous. College going girls should must have to buy silver earrings for themselves this year.

Pearl Earrings Trend 2014

pearl earrings 2014

Pearl earrings are too much gorgeous kind of earrings this year. In 2014, pearls will be the love of women. Pearls earrings are available in every kind of colors and the most beneficial advantage of them is that you can match them with your dressing. The color you are wearing, will be the same as pearls used in your earrings. So, you can buy pearl earrings to look gorgeous and stylish. You will rock by wearing pearl earrings this year.

Artificial Earrings 2014

Artificial jewelry is being more and more popular among people because precious metals are mush expensive to buy for the ordinary people. So, for them artificial jewelry is available in perfect styles and designs. Artificial jewelry gives you a vast variety of choice as it is not expensive like gold or other precious items. Artificial earrings are in trend these days. Because there is a lot of variety of designs of artificial earrings present in the markets. One can choose items of one’s choice and can buy easily. This trend is remarkably prevailing around the trendy people.

Geometric Shaped Earrings 2014

Geometric shaped earrings are just awesome kind of earrings. Geometric designs are in fashion in the year 2014 unlike the previous years in which floral earrings were in fashion. Floral earrings are classic, no doubt, but the popularity of these earrings is lessened among the people. Instead geometric designs are in trend now a days. Geometric earrings include

  • Oval shaped earrings
  • Round earrings
  • rectangular shaped earrings
  • square shaped earrings
  • Triangular shaped earrings
  • Combination of above shapes of earrings

So, all these designs are much trendy these days. The beautiful combinations of geometric shapes are blowing the minds of youngsters these days. And this trend will be on top in 2014.

Chain Earrings Cartilage To Lobe 2014

Chain earrings are another stylish kind of earrings. Every kind of chain earrings are popular among people but chain earrings cartilage to lobe style is the best style for the year 2014. In 2014, this style will rule the hearts of people. Different metals are being used to make chain earrings cartilage to lobe. Gold, silver, white gold or any artificial material can be used to make this style of earrings. These earrings are in chain shape and are worn in cartilage and lobe both together giving your ears and face a unique look.

Stud Earrings Trend 2014

stud earrings 2014

Stud earrings are smaller kind of earrings but the most elegant nature all the times. These smaller sized earrings are always much trendy and unique. Diamond stud earrings, gold stud earrings and gemstone stud earrings are the latest fashion that is the most popular fashion of the season. In 2014, This style will rule over the hearts of the people, so go rocking by having stud earrings in 2014.

Antique Style Earrings 2014

Antique style earrings are some kind of earrings having looks of old and classic jewelry. antique gold earrings, antique silver earrings and antique diamond earrings are going to be voguish these days. Antique style earrings can be worn on parties, dinners, anniversaries or any other kind of such occasions.

Gemstone Earrings 2014

gemstone earrings 2014

Gemstone earrings are a fabulous type of earrings for the year 2014. Gemstones look so lovely and classy and are used in jewelry items largely. Now a days, gemstones are so voguish and gemstone earrings are going to be a big fashion this year. Gemstones are available in different kinds and colors, so you can choose them according to your dressing color and type and thus you can enhance your beauty. Following kisds of gemstones will rule the year 2014!

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Quartz
  • Zircon
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Turquoise
  • Zeolite

All these mentioned gemstones will be much voguish in terms of earrings 2014.

Hoop Earrings 2014

Hoop earrings are traditional kind of earrings. Hoop earrings are also a popular kind of earrings and this trend is going to be ruled in the hearts of trendy girls and women. In 2014, hoop earrings made of the metals like gold and silver will be much popular and in fashion. So, you can wear these earrings according to the occasions. You can wear them casually a well as formally.

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